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Getchu Re-opens

For nearly a week, Getchu had been unaccessible for us who lived outside of Japan. Some folks tried to access it using JP based proxy setting and could accessed it without much problems. Then they concluded that Getchu had blocked non-JP IP address in accessing the site. It made quite some commotions on some forums, like someone said Japan’s xenophobic act will sooner or later will be applied on all of their sites.

It seems that all those premonition about getchu is finally proved absolutely wrong. Today (on my time it’s Saturday August 14th) I could open Getchu again and used their searches and databases without having to use a proxy. And on their front page, an apology about servers problem is pasted over there. It looked like that they blocked foreign IP addresses for a brief time in order to fix the servers. I could understand why they do that, a server on one country is constantly hammered with acceses from all around the world.

With the reopening of Getchu, they’ll definitely got hammered again. Let’s just hope that they won’t permanently banned us.

The official statement from them:
お買い物中にエラーが発生したお客様は、お手数ですが Getchu.comサポートセンター<>までお問い合わせ下さい。