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Been a while

Oh wow, 4 years already since I last posted here. Like the title said, yes, I’m somehow still around this world. Over the past years, many things happened obviously. Main turn of point is probably after my trip to Japan like the post below. Well, time to sum up stuffs happened back then until now.

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Japan - Mount Fuji

Japan, the origin land for anime, manga and other otaku goodness. Perhaps its every otaku’s dream to travel there and make their way through the whole place that’d been in an anime. Or maybe it’s much simpler, visiting the so called Holy Land of Otaku, Akihabara. In another case, maybe to find the exotic culture of Japan by visiting many famous places like Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Tower, Asakusa Temple, and other places in other cities. Either ways, Japan is a good place to travel, if you could afford it that is.

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Got bored at this time so digged out my bookmarks to look for something fun. Then I bumped into this old blog of mine, had to admit I’d already forgotten about this one.  After retracing my memories when making this blog, got kinda nostalgic with it and kinda decided to start over. But yea, hopefully I won’t just revive this blog only to see it went into trash can again not for long. Speaking of bad omen, just realised that today is Friday the 13th, nice timing on reviving an old blog eh?

It’s been a year since I last write one, and a lot of stuffs happened, whether it be a good one or a bad one. It seems my otaku lifestyle is pretty much the same after all that time. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I’m just gonna enjoy this life a little bit more.

A bit on eroge side, as I feared from a long time ago, Getchu finally blocked non-JP IP address in accessing their site. I’ve read on some forums that this xenophobic act is getting out of hand. But is it really it, that Japan is slowly returning to its Edo period? Only they know the real reason for it.

Second news, August eroge releases are rather plain. I only got Whirlpool‘s Suzukaze no Melt (涼風のメルト) on my list. Well for me its rather a good thing, since more games mean more time needed to play them. It’s not surprising since most of the studios are concentrating on Comic Market (Comiket) which is held on August 13th to 15th.

Speaking of Comiket, as usual its damn crowded from what I see from the photos available around. I’d like to be there but I don’t think I’ll survive within that crowds lol. If not, the weather will definitely got me on summer comiket and winter comiket. So for now I’ll just be happy with the online scanlations of the doujins sold over there.

Yes, I’m still alive (barely). My work kept me away from playing my games, let alone updating this site.


Yesterday I just finished Sakura Sakura, and at the same time I realized something. The time I need to finish one game is getting longer and longer, and of course the main reason is my job. Having only about 5 to 6 hours a day of free time is not a good sign for my eroge collections. So I’m starting to think, should I stop playing eroge? Well pretty much it’ll be a difficult one since I’ve been doing this for the past years. Limiting the game I play in a month is pretty much a better choice yet a difficult one since most of them are very tempting.

Now I’m so much missed my old college days where I have pretty much the whole day of free time to play. Being a salaryman really took my times, or maybe it only because I can’t manage my time well enough between work and hobby. For the time being I’ll try to keep up on my eroge life to the limit.

PS: I don’t think I’m gonna do reviews again…

PS2: Akabei Soft 2 & Akatsuki Works joined the crowds of banning foreign IP.