Tenko*staring at some image board*

Hmm? Oh hi there…

What? Who am I?

Weird question you got there since you’re on my blog page.

Eh? You just clicked a random blog at search engine? *sweats*

So about me? Well, I’m just a guy who lives in some eastern continent and spent most of his time in the net.

My interests? Mostly anything related to Japanese cultures. You know, like anime, mangas, j-pop/j-rock, and… something called eroge.
Well, to put it simple, ただのスケベ野郎

So, what else? Huh? You’ve seen me making blogs, sites, or some other things in different places?

Well, I can assure you that those got nothing to do with me. Yea, I picked a wrong name for this blog address and handle name. It’s a pretty famous name, so I’m not too suprised if you hit the search engine and found other unrelated things.