Been a while

Oh wow, 4 years already since I last posted here. Like the title said, yes, I’m somehow still around this world. Over the past years, many things happened obviously. Main turn of point is probably after my trip to Japan like the post below. Well, time to sum up stuffs happened back then until now.

Busou Shinki Strarf Mk.2 Lavina

When I went to Japan, made list of stuffs that I’ll buy like some figures and a PSP with its games. Come to think about it right now, it’s kinda foolish since I found out that I could buy them here. Nevertheless, I started collecting buying figures and some non-pirated PSP games, then moved to PS3 and PSV games. But lately I’m limiting my figure collections due to my wallet is getting thinner and thinner, and also storage problem.

Chou Jigen Geimu Neptune V

For the gaming side I’ve played some PSP, PS3, and PSV games, with most of them are Japanese games. PSP had the most game collection out of three, and it serves my time wasting purpose for almost 3 years. And now its sitting there as an artifact replaced by the newer PSV. PS3 is well… The least played one, although when I bought it back then, I thought I’m gonna play it a lot. The reason? You could wait until you read all of these rubbish to find out *evil grins*.

Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki

On eroge, well honestly, nothing much different back then. Almost played none due to the lack of time and endless stream of them. The last two I played are Palette’s sakusaku and Yuzusoft’s Amairo Islenauts, only to finish the main heroine and (reluctantly) ditched the games. Currently playing some doujin RPGs (ero offcourse) which don’t take too much time to finish and enjoy them.

No Game No Life

Anime stuffs is as usual, watching 70-80% of the aired anime in one season. Although it’s kinda tough to watch them all, time consuming and *cough*storage*cough* consuming. Mostly watched moe animes, like Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?, Kiniro Mosaic and such. Mecha anime is also one of my favorite genre, currently hooked into Aldnoah.Zero. Serious ones are kinda meh, but watched it afterall if its interesting.

Natsukawa Masuzu

And then, kinda hooked up into drawing stuffs. Kinda forgot the main reason why I started it. Personally I improved a lot compared how I used to draw back then in high school and college, but its far far away from what I’m expecting. But I have to admit, I kinda hooked into it for about… half a year I think. Until…

Elsword Art by PiKA

I got introduced to an MMO called Elsword. For now, everyday is Elsword for me and I’m in it for a year already. Stopped playing back then for a day or two, then goes back to it. There’s some kind of charm that keeps me playing it. This is the second MMO that I’m willing to spend a lot of money and time for it. This is my life for now, stopped playing PS3 and eroge just for this.

So, for now I’m gonna revive and fill this blog with Elsword stuffs. And hopefully it won’t go dead as soon as I posted this. Okay, for starter I’m gonna clean up some stuffs around here.