Japan - Mount Fuji

Japan, the origin land for anime, manga and other otaku goodness. Perhaps its every otaku’s dream to travel there and make their way through the whole place that’d been in an anime. Or maybe it’s much simpler, visiting the so called Holy Land of Otaku, Akihabara. In another case, maybe to find the exotic culture of Japan by visiting many famous places like Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Tower, Asakusa Temple, and other places in other cities. Either ways, Japan is a good place to travel, if you could afford it that is.

I went to Japan when I was a kid (10 or so) with my parents, but barely could remember anything at that time. Tokyo Tower, the mount Fuji, and Kyoto are the only places that I remember. Heck, that time I don’t understand a thing about Japan. Started my interest on Japan and its cultures when I was on high school, kinda regret why I don’t get into them more quickly (lol).

As a revenge in a couple of weeks (early September), I’ll be travelling there in a group tour that already had predetermined destinations for about 8 days. The bright side of it is I don’t have to worry about accomodations and such since they already took care of them. The down side, well, I couldn’t get to where I wanted to go since the travel route didn’t include them. As a solution, I’ll separate myself from the group at certain point to travel on my own, and rejoin them again later.

As a note this is my FIRST trip that I’m willingly to go by myself. So I got no experience at all in travelling alone in a foreign land. Maybe some of you could consider it as a suicide act, getting lost in a middle of nowhere with the language you could barely understand is everyone’s nightmare. But my otaku spirit somehow is awaken and defeated my fear of getting lost in Japan. So here I go, planning my own trip to Akihabara when I’m in Tokyo.

Getting around in late summer Japan could be troublesome. Bring any unappropriate clothes and you’ll end up bringing extra unnecessary weight in your baggage. On some info, the weather around Tokyo is unsurprisingly very hot at this time, so it won’t be much different when I got there. Packed a good amount of shirts and some pants to get around.

Since I’m no photographer guy, I’ll just bring the family used digital camera, forgot what model it is since I never used it. The only other gadget I’ll bring is my N97 phone along with its Skull Candy customized earphone for extra entertainment when on my way to Japan. My plane left at noon for 4 hours transit in Singapore before it leave for Japan at midnight. Gonna bored to death if I don’t bring something to entertain me in that 4 hours.

Akihabara view - Courtesy of dannychoo.com

With stuffs and clothes are packed, time to plan with my personal tour. First destination is Tokyo for 3 days (damn, I wished they put Tokyo last so I could have more time on my own), first day is for city tour and the rest is for Disneyland and Disney Sea. Since Disney stuffs doesn’t fancy me, I planned to use that time to travel to Akihabara. Thanks to Rin’s Easy Guide to Japan, I could map my way from the hotel I’ll be staying to Akihabara back and forth.

And that’s all of it for my “plan”. Since the rest of the tour will be outside of Tokyo, I’m having no interest on it for now. The next stop is Kawaguchi and travel through all the way to Kansai. Maybe I’ll take pictures of them for memory sake.