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Yes, I’m still alive (barely). My work kept me away from playing my games, let alone updating this site.


Yesterday I just finished Sakura Sakura, and at the same time I realized something. The time I need to finish one game is getting longer and longer, and of course the main reason is my job. Having only about 5 to 6 hours a day of free time is not a good sign for my eroge collections. So I’m starting to think, should I stop playing eroge? Well pretty much it’ll be a difficult one since I’ve been doing this for the past years. Limiting the game I play in a month is pretty much a better choice yet a difficult one since most of them are very tempting.

Now I’m so much missed my old college days where I have pretty much the whole day of free time to play. Being a salaryman really took my times, or maybe it only because I can’t manage my time well enough between work and hobby. For the time being I’ll try to keep up on my eroge life to the limit.

PS: I don’t think I’m gonna do reviews again…

PS2: Akabei Soft 2 & Akatsuki Works joined the crowds of banning foreign IP.